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Hip Pain, Foot Pain

“I started acupuncture with Beth for chronic, almost debilitating hip pain due to arthritis and muscle tension. I also went for bothersome foot pain that had recently started.  I went weekly and had needles stuck in my legs, arms, hands, back, butt (yes, my butt!) and my feet.  After 7 sessions I was getting discouraged, only noticing a slight improvement. 

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Cervical Radiculopathy, Carpal Tunnel

I went to Beth initially because I had exhausted all medical procedures to relieve the pain of cervical radiculopathy.  Previously, I had two spinal fusions, carpal tunnel surgery, several cervical epidural steroid injections, and three or four rhizotomies to sever the nerve roots which were causing the pain.  As I said, I saw Beth as a last resort.  However, I

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“I began seeing Beth because I was having headaches. After just 2 sessions I saw a decrease in the amount and severity of the headaches. After a few more sessions the headaches ceased. I have not had a headache in 3 months. Acupuncture has freed me from the headaches and medication. Beth has also treated me when I was beginning

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“I have suffered with terrible asthma my whole life. I miss 25+ days of school a year. In the last year I only missed 5 days of school. I don’t take my three asthma medications anymore. I couldn’t live without my acupuncture treatments.” – T.S. Mt. Airy, Maryland

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