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Hip Pain, Foot Pain

“I started acupuncture with Beth for chronic, almost debilitating hip pain due to arthritis and muscle tension. I also went for bothersome foot pain that had recently started.  I went weekly and had needles stuck in my legs, arms, hands, back, butt (yes, my butt!) and my feet.  After 7 sessions I was getting discouraged, only noticing a slight improvement.  Beth told me to be patient and not to give up too soon.  The following week, I had a really good “hip week.” I was able to sleep through the night and I started to realize a tremendous improvement, not only in my hip, but also with my feet.  The following 2 weeks the improvements continued.  I am now seeing Beth once every three weeks, and each week we work on something different.  Last week we talked about my hot flashes, there’s a needle for that! Prior to doing acupuncture I was taking 650mg of Tylenol twice a day as prescribed by my primary care doc for my arthritis.  As of 4 weeks ago, I have discontinued taking the Tylenol completely.  It is pretty amazing. I wish I had looked into acupuncture years ago! I truly enjoy my sessions with Beth. She is kind, perceptive, and totally in tune to ME. She cares about me, my pains, and my emotional well-being. She has a tender touch, and her professionalism is outstanding”  J.L. Maryland

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