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Shoulder Pain, Hip Pain, Ankle Pain

” I have been extremely pleased with my care under Beth for pain management.  I started seeing her for pain n my shoulders in which therapy was not helping.  Within a few months, I was pain free and I have full range of motion without pain. I have continued to see her for other pain management as needed when I

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Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Sleep

“Acupuncture has been a wonderful experience for me. Acupuncture has shown me that non-traditional Eastern medicine can provide pain, anxiety and stress relief and change the quality of my life. Acupuncture provides days of relief for me from back pain and has a very positive effect on my stress and anxiety levels. Also, acupuncture has impacted my sleep habits, after

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Chronic Pain

“Thank you for all of the years of listening to the various aches, pains and complaints; and for always being able to manage each of them.

Beth is truly a wonder as she always carefully listens, often predicts referring pain, and knows when and how to treat things that I perhaps don’t even mention (like feeling out of

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Stress, Knee Injury, Fertility

” For what seems like 10 years, Beth has been my acupuncturist providing relief to my ailments and also being someone genuinely invested in my well-being.  I found Beth as a result of losing my sense of taste.  That issue was corrected and I have continued to seek Beth and acupuncture to solve my stress, knee injury, and even fertility

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