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Animal Acupuncture Testimonials

Animal Acupuncture Testimonials:

“Reilly was treated by Beth for a few reasons. The first reason was that his Great Dane brother had recently died and Reilly was mopey and not himself. He was probably mourning the loss of his buddy. The second reason was that Reilly was overweight. The third reason was for his overall health and wellbeing. Since being treated byBeth, our family has seen improvement in all of the areas Reilly was treated for. He is back to his spunky self, has lost 4 pounds, and has been relatively healthy for the past few months. Beth was gentle in her approach with Reilly and I believe it made the process easier on him. She is a blessing for our whole family.” –H.T. Catonsville, Maryland

“Our black Labrador Retriever, “Orion”, who at 6 years old should be showing signs of maturing, is still like a ravenous, food stealing, frolicking pup, and who can be overwhelming at times. With 3 acupuncture treatments under his collar, we are noticing that he is more compliant, coming when called, playing without stealing his toy in a game of Keep Away, and generally calmer. These are big strides for him and us. The questions asked by Beth about the family’s relationship with “Orion” has also made us more aware of our role in his behavior. As a result, we have become more assertive with commands and more attentive to his needs for exercise and companionship. The result has been a win-win for him and us.” –The M. Family Columbia, Maryland

“Our 8 year old lab, Asher, had been suffering with seizures for a couple of years. We were concerned about starting him on medication due to the side effects and possible long-term organ damage. So we decided to try acupuncture first. His seizures have lessened in frequency and intensity since being treated by Beth. She is so gentle and comforting while treating Asher. Not only have his seizures gotten better, but there is a noticeable difference in his energy level after treatment. We are so thankful we took this route before medication.” –J.C. Germantown, Maryland

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