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Chronic Pain

“Thank you for all of the years of listening to the various aches, pains and complaints; and for always being able to manage each of them.

Beth is truly a wonder as she always carefully listens, often predicts referring pain, and knows when and how to treat things that I perhaps don’t even mention (like feeling out of control and treating me to regain my center).

I appreciate the way that she researches and confers with other therapists to maximize treatment, and stays current in breakthrough treatments or modalities.

I feel that she truly cares for her patients, their well- being and ensuring that she is not only helping them but coaching them to make treatment choices as well as ways to discover how to best care for themselves.

I have always felt incredibly well cared for and appreciate that she understands not only my chronic pain but also any new or bothersome symptom. Her presence is calming and you feel her compassion when you are one of her patients.” -C.L. Germantown, Maryland



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