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Insomnia, Anxiety, Depression

“After the initial appointment, I immediately felt improvement in my mood and overall mental state. The acupuncture also gave me relief from my chronic insomnia. I have been able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer which has also helped my overall well being. I was also able to discontinue the prescription medicines I was taking for anxiety, depression, and a sleep disorder. When I started acupuncture sessions, I was preparing for a major job transition. I was able to maintain focus and diligently search for a new job without major depression or a setback. I was fortunate to land a good position at a new company with only three weeks down time. Now after four months of acupuncture treatments, I feel like I have renewed life and motivation. I started my new job, I am working to improve my house, and I am on a new fitness regimen. I truly can’t say enough about the improvement I have had over the course of the past few months after receiving treatment from you, Beth. Thank You.” – D.V. Reisterstown, Maryland


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