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Heel Pain

“Since my first treatment with you, my life has changed in so many ways. In my personal life, I can get out of bed in the morning pain free, whereas before you started treating me the heel pain was so bad that I didn’t want to stand up at all. I can cook a nice dinner now without the agony of the feet. Through the winter holidays I am typically a stressed out, emotional mess. I believe that the treatments helped to circulate my energy in a way that kept me centered and grounded. That helped me through the holidays. When I first started treatment with you, I had a needle phobia and broke out into cold sweats. You were so kind and reassuring and continue to be throughout our sessions. Now when you stick a needle in me, I am wondering what it will feel like today; will it radiate or will it be subtle, warm, or tingly…instead of that looming fear of the “NEEDLE”. Finally my posture has changed for the better, my headaches have lessened, and in general I feel better physically and emotionally. Beth, I am so happy our paths crossed and you are in the field of acupuncture. Thank you.” -H.T. Mt. Airy, Maryland

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